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أوروبا أورين رالي

Hello dear rally friends, dear participants,



01. special challenge ytong bricks

02. special challenge musical instruments

03. special challenge water for the dead sea

04 special challenge School supplies

05 special challenge spoons for Uri Geller project

06 Volunteer thing "who wants" wheelchair

07. what belongs in a rally car

08. DATA CARE HP + DOCUMENTS + shoe size


10. start signs / stickers

11. start

12. route

13. recovery of the rally cars   

14. football

15. country packages


17. GPS tracking

18. pre-start day

19. old newsletters

Thank you to all those who participated in the team presentation and the Carbeque World Championship. The time with you was really nice. All those who could not be there really missed out.

The time until the start of the rally is foreseeable and it is clear that the rally will be held if possible.

As always, there are also things thought out by your friendly RALLYELEITUNG for the teams, which you have to get and do before the start of the rally.


01. SPECIAL TASK Ytong bricks


We have for you today already the first rally task:

Each vehicle must have two large YTONG bricks (599x250x240mm with high density) at the start. But you can't just buy the bricks! You have to "beg" the YTONG bricks from a building material dealer of your choice. On the stone the building material dealer and on each stone side a person with Turkish migration background must perpetuate themselves. This should be done with a signature and perhaps a message to the friendly rally leader.

With these stones you must then come to the start.   


02. special task musical instruments


So, your 2nd task, already a tradition, but tightened up for you in 2022.

MUSIC IS FUN AND KNOWS NO BORDERS OR LANGUAGE BARRIERS (but it doesn't always have to be a treat or ear candy if it's fun or a good cause!!!).

In 2022, every rally participant should bring a real musical instrument (so no air guitar ...we already had... and no plastic kids stuff) to the start and already have the first bars of "All you need is love" by the Beatles on it at the start in Tübingen.

During the rally you will perform at really exciting places like on a stage in front of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul ......... .

The instruments will then be after your last concert at the rally in Jericho (look up in the Bible what once happened at a musical event with trumpets in Jericho) If Jericho does not work out as always and everywhere -> spontaneous changes are possible at any time 😊

The instruments can be quiet old, slightly out of tune and dented, but they should still work and not be exactly quiet pedal. (With a triangle or a recorder you are easily overtuned).

Tip: If you can't find an instrument you no longer need on stage or in your basement or at a friend's house, just ask a music club or music school. They are usually responsive for such crazy things and donate a no longer needed trumpet or double bass.

Please mark the instrument with a tag or otherwise so that you can see which team it comes from and maybe also who donated it, with mail address. This is how nice contacts have been made in the past between the child who got the instrument and the donor.

Moreover, with the ideas of our rally music director Burhan U., it is quite likely that the instruments will be exchanged at some point.

Then the person who didn't get "All you need is love" right in Tübingen with the trumpet he or she brought with him or her, will get it better in Istanbul on the violin he or she traded in.

We promise you that you will not get the task with the instruments on the rally like teams had in the previous years, to make street music in a Romanian city. Romanian cities are cracking down on organized street musicians in the meantime.

3. special task water for the dead sea

We have had this task before and it was so well received.

So we are doing this beautiful thing again in 2022.

TASK "water in a bottle" + VIDEO about it

As announced at the team presentation in Tübingen, we want to tell you about


Here is a nice task for you, your families, neighbors, friends around the world:

Below is the project "Make a Mark!!! MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE OF WATER FOR THE DEAD SEA!!!" described in more detail.


Each rally participant and team is to fill a small bottle with water in a special place at your home or elsewhere and bring it to the rally. The filling should not be done secretly, but maybe together with your family, your sponsors, your mayor, your priest or whoever is important to you.

From the water bottling action you are to shoot a VIDEO AND THAT VIDEO SHOULD YOU PUT UP TO 19.04.2022 ON YOUTUBE and send us the associated link to You can design the videos freely. But on the video it should be recognizable at least who you are, where you fill the water, who is present and that the water is for the project Message in a Bottle of the Europe-Orient Rally and is poured by the team into the dead sea.

We have posted the videos of the EOR2019 on our homepage.


The empty water bottles from you will probably be exhibited somewhere in Israel. Therefore it would be great if you could label and design them nicely.

So write on it, from whom, when, where the water comes etc.... You have a completely free hand.

If you want to take some water for friends from somewhere in the world, that is possible. They have to make a video and post it.








When the rally came to the Dead Sea for the first time 15 years ago, the water level of this special sea was more than ten meters higher than today. More and more water is drying up and less and less is flowing in via the Jordan River and other tributaries.

Scientists and politicians from Jordan, Israel and Palestine and from all over the world have been thinking for years how this drying up can be prevented and how tributaries can be created again. But not much has actually happened to date.

Of course, the Europe-Orient Rally cannot prevent the drying up.

But in 2022, together with friends from the riparian countries and from all over Europe, it wants to set an example so that everyone wakes up and does something to save this special body of water.


With media attention, all rally participants and friends will fill a bottle of water from the most beautiful body of water in their home country. There will be videos about it.

The water will then be transported in the rally cars more than 7000 kilometers from Tübingen across Germany, Austria, the entire Balkans and Turkey to Israel and Jordan to the Dead Sea.

The rally participants will then empty the water into the Dead Sea in a spectacular, hopefully media-effective action.

This as a sign that the world must do something to prevent the Dead Sea from becoming even deader.



The project is supported by leading officials from Israel and Jordan. At the moment the approvals of both countries are available.



Wilfried Gehr (President Rally)

Orly Louk (Vice President Israel)

Husam Gauda (Vice President Jordan)

4. special task school supplies



Even though our school bag sponsor of many years has pulled out, we will be visiting a school in Jordan. It would be great if each car would bring a school bag (may be used), maybe with some school supplies, some toys and a letter for a Jordanian child (elementary school the little ones). You will then distribute the things to school children.

5. SPECIAL TASK Spoons for Uri Geller project.


Continuation of the spoon artwork project "ONLY FULL SPOONS MAKE SAT" with Uri Geller.

At the 2019 Rally, yes, the rally teams collected thousands of spoons for the spoon artwork.

Our EOR2022 spoons will also be integrated by Uri in Tel Aviv-Jaffa in 2022 into the already started artwork 'Biggest Spoon in the World'.

For those who don't know the background information, here is an excerpt from our press release from that time: (LINK:

Spoons bend in an inexplicable way when Uri Geller is around. Are they psychic powers or good tricks? For more than forty years Uri Geller has been amazing the world with this.

Together with the Europe Orient Rally, a large-scale spoon project is being created in Tel Aviv with an expected total of more than 10,000 hand-signed spoons.

The rally participants will collect spoons signed by friends, family members, neighbors and famous and not so famous personalities and drive them in their rally cars from Europe through the Balkans and all over Turkey. Uri Geller will then create a large spoon artwork in Tel-Aviv Jaffa together with the rally people, who are referred to as the daredevils in their rickety boxes.

It is expected that the artwork will be called 'ONLY FULL SPOONS MAKE YOU SAT' and besides being fun udn beautiful art, it is also meant to be somewhat thought-provoking.

At the 2018 rally, Uri Geller was so enthralled by the crown cork mosaic created by participants in Tel Aviv Jaffa that he bent crown corks himself without using force and collaborated on the project. He likes the rally idea and that is why the cooperation with him came about.

The spoons collected so far would easily be enough for an entry in the Guinness Book of Records, but that's not enough for us!

That's why every team in 2022 should bring MANY spoons (made of metal - NO PLASTIC!). That means all your friends, families, business colleagues, etc. should drop off your autographed spoon with you.

You will make sure that the spoons will arrive in your rally car to Uri Geller in Tel Aviv. Uri, we from the OC and if it works out, you will then make sure that these spoons are integrated into the work of art.



If you ask all your friends and acquaintances to paint, engrave or otherwise beautify their spoon and give you a tenner or twenty for it, you'll raise quite a bit. WITH A HUNDRED SPOONS, THE GAS MONEY IS ALMOST THERE.

If you get on regional radios or your daily newspaper or go on social media and really step on the gas, you can collect a lot more spoons. Take a look at the page of Karawane Oberpfalz, which showed in 2019 how it works.

But approach properly and formulate well and ask tax advisor if necessary. Not that the donation you get there can be counted as taxable income!

But the most important thing is: Many spoons bring you already at the start many points on the way to your camel!



This way you can increase your rally cash!!!

3 years ago the 'Karavane Oberpfalz', a dedicated rally team from Bavaria, showed how it is done:

They have really collected a few thousand spoons against a Obulus and so improved their team cash. A nice thing for you to copy recommended.



Here the text as suggestion:

Give your spoon!!!

In 2020 Corona stopped the rally project "Biggest spoon artwork with Uri Geller".

Thousands of spoons, some of them beautifully painted, had to be temporarily stored in Turkey.

The participants of the Europe Orient Rally 2022 now want to finish the project and bring these, as well as other signed spoons to Israel.

In front of Uri Geller's museum in Tel Aviv, the world's largest work of spoon art, a spoon peace throne with the title "only full spoons make you full," will then be created. For a donation to peace campaigns, visitors will be able to have their picture taken on the throne.

Those who are not participating in the rally themselves but still want to see their self-painted or signed spoon in the work of art and would like to donate it to the worthy cause can either give it to a rally team along with at least 10 euros (for transport, customs, donation) or send it to the orga team before the start of the rally.

The proceeds from the action will support a peace project in Israel/Palestine.

6. volunteer thing - wheelchair



HuSam, our Jordanian rally president said that there are many wheelchairs missing in Jordan, especially for children. We know that such wheelchairs are also needed in other areas and now especially in the war zone. But we cannot take them there. But if teams can organize and carry a wheelchair, we could organize the handover. But it is really voluntary and HuSam should know before the start who will bring one.

7. What all belongs in a rally car?


What belongs in the on-board luggage?

Participants, have asked what you absolutely must have in the rally car besides personal items. Well, we came up with the following:


- small hammer + plaster - in case someone knocks on his finger 😊

- small chisel

- cheapest cigar you can find (1pc/person)

- toothbrush

- deodorant spray

- usual tool

- cable ties

- adhesive tape

- Sewing needle and thread (a button might fall off or something) ?

- Ballpoint pen or pencil ?

- Edding or other felt pens in the colors black, blue, red or so (you never know) ?

- Your musical instrument

- Your ytong stones

- The things we have already told you in the previous newsletter.

- enough spare wheels for the desert stage


- torque wrench - only pure swiss teams :-)

- Swiss army knife is always good 😊


- A few things to enjoy:

Each team should still have five things, worth little or nothing, that bring joy to people in our host countries, or can make people happy.

8. data maintenance HP, documents and shoe size.

We urgently need the following data from all participants:


Name (NO NAME - please fill in exactly as in your passport!)

First name


Passport number

Passport issue

Passport valid until

Shoe size


From vehicles

Vehicle owner

Green insurance card no. (even if it is white recently)




License plate

Chassis number

TÜV until


Please enter the data as good as possible i.e. the data which are known on the homepage.

If you don't have access anymore, please request your "Private Link" via the following link

You have to enter the e-mail address you used for the registration and we will send you your access link.


Please do this within the next 7 days if possible!

We thank you already now!


In addition, we need from each participant a passport copy, a copy of the vehicle registration document and a copy of the green insurance card via upload into the database!


Why is the SHOE SIZE very important ?

We really need it very urgently within the next 4 days!!!

Dear rally participants....this is not a joke!!! As you have read in the water task, there is a special task at the Dead Sea with canoes....for which the Israelis really need your shoe size. Somehow it is related to the pressure point on the salt water....we don't know for sure....but please be sure to send your shoe sizes quickly to ....!!!


Please make sure your insurance company's green insurance card includes all countries to be traveled.


- TR for Turkey

- IL for Israel

- and all countries you want to travel through

If you have any questions about this please contact Burhan from the OC


Tel: 0160-3546053

Here again the requirement regarding HU: ABSOLUTE MINIMUM is 05/22 !!!

Jordan is insured via the Jordan package i.e., this is no problem!

10. start signs / stickers


We will hand out the rally stickers for your rally cars and rally motorcycles on 06.05.22 in Tübingen. You can put them on then.

Here is a list of places you have to keep free for our stickers

Driver & passenger door approx. 40x60cm (hxw) the rally sticker will be approx. 55x36cm (wxh)!

Front and rear EOR22 start signs approx. 33x22cm (wxh) and please keep a few other free spaces (freely selectable) for stickers from our host countries.

11. start


Registration Fri. 06.05.2022 from 17:17 until 20:20

and for all who come later, on Sat.07.05.22 from 8:08 to 9:08 at the museum pit stop.


Start from 10:10 clock in 5.5Min cycle.

12. route


Will be announced in the coming days together with the country packages.

13. recovery of the rally cars


As you know, it is getting more and more difficult to "get rid" of rally cars abroad. Taxes, which are mostly far above the new value of the cars are the rule.

Together with our HuSam, however, we have managed to find a solution..the cars end up in the steel mill, but before that, parts can still be found for a good cause ....well schools....

IMPORTANT: ID and vehicle registration can be taken home in the original to deregister.


The Turkish Football Association has been our partner for years. But because we are in Turkey for a shorter time this year, there is no pure soccer task. Nevertheless, there should be at least one soccer ball and one inflatable water ball in every vehicle.

15. country packages


Will be announced in the coming days together with the route.


Also in 2022 we will communicate during the rally via WhatsApp broadcast again.

Info's on this shortly by means of a separate circular.

17. GPS Tracking


The tracking will be installed again by MOBILIZ in 2022.

More details shortly


Very important is whether you have vehicles with or without OBD plug.

Please enter this information urgently in the database for your vehicles. A corresponding field has been added for each vehicle!

18. pre-start day

Even if you want to be well rested at the start, there is the possibility that you can still celebrate a nice farewell and that you can take all your friends with you to Tübingen. Your friends can also pitch their tents in the pre-start paddock. This is all free of charge, if you dispose of your garbage.


The pre-start paddock is at the bus company Schnaidt, only a few hundred meters away from the BOXENSTOP Museum in Brunnenstraße.


Arrival to the paddock is 06 May 2022 from 17:17 possible. But please sign in at the museum before.


Please come directly to the race management office set up there. You will then also receive the remaining stickers, the start numbers and possibly info. Please bring a copy of your passport, vehicle registration document and green insurance card (which is usually no longer green) to the start and hand it in at the registration desk.


Also ALL who have already sent them!

19. old circulars 2022 (and previous years)

INFO: All newsletters are also available online on the homepage.


So, that's it for today. 

Soon you will get hints about the flights, costs for the 'packages', and so on.