The European-Orient-Rallye “EOR” is not just a fun rally from the beginning!

The EOR has indeed entered the footsteps of the Allgäu Orient rally “AOR”.
The AOR has done a lot of good and has also fallen short on individual charity projects and has paid apprenticeship fees.
The EOR does not want to pay more, but if necessary, the AOR projects will continue to support them.
Above all, however, the EOR wants to continue to support social projects in the future and to do good things as well as fun, joy and international understanding.

Each year, social projects are promoted from the proceeds of vehicles and other sources of the rally.

In the eleven years of its existence, the AOR has done more good than many development aid ministers would like. It is extremely remarkable what we have already achieved with the help of the participants in the rally. We have compiled a list of the most important projects (“Summary”).