Only vehicles which are at least 20 years old and are roadworthy are permitted in the Europe-Orient rally. Younger vehicles may only be used with a purchase price of max.999.99 euros. Initially, only cars were allowed. Since now also motorcyclists want to participate was made possible. Motorcycles must also be 20 years old. If younger motorcycles are taken, the pro ccm can not cost more than 0,99 Euro.


Thanks to good friends in Jordan, the goal of the former Allgäu-Orient rally was clear from the start: Jordan.

And this is also maintained at the Europe-Orient-Rallye!

The exact starting point will be announced soon.

Due to the political situation in Syria, the 2011 rally was “braked”. Entry warnings and reason have excluded an entry into Jordan “over land”. A transfer of Syria over Egypt failed shortly before the destination to authorities (mainly the German Embassy in Cairo) and the unstable situation in Egypt. Therefore the rally had to be ended in Turkey.

In 2012, Baku was set up in Azerbaijan, and the participants were then able to reach Jordan by plane.

In 2015, the Allgäu-Orient-Rallye ended as usual in Jordan, but due to the persistently difficult situation in Syria, it could only be reached via the sea route Turkey -> Israel

In 2016, Turkey was once again the final destination of the Allgäu-Orient-Rally

In 2017/2018 Jordan was once again the final destination of the Allgäu-Orient-Rallye

For 2019, Jordan is not possible, because we could not find a good and payable ferryboot for the way from Turky to Israel. The way through Syria is still not possible. But we found a fantastic alternative: The Rallyeroute goes from Istanbul via Ankara, Sivas, Black See, Batumi, Georgia, Kars to IRAN. We will visit Tibris and the Kaspian See. Than the Rallye comes back to Turkye. VIa the Mountain Ararat the UNESCO Place GÖBELKI TEPE near Urfa, the Rallye goes to Mersin and than with the Ferryboat to Cyprus. The final Rallye Etappe ist in Cyprus.

Because the political situation in Syria is still very critical, the route still can not pass through Syria. But there are alternatives …

First prize for the Europe-Orient-Rallye is traditionally a real camel !!!

The camel must stay in the host country again. This has grounds for import and quarantine rights in Germany. As the winners in 2006 and 2016 had to learn, it is not possible to introduce a camel from an Arab country due to the import regulations in Germany and Switzerland, despite their commitment and money. … and a camel also belongs to the desert or her native home and not to our green meadows.

2019, we must think for another Winner price, because, we will not find a camel in Cyprus.

So far the winners have always handed over their camel to a young Bedouin or farmer and thus created a livelihood for a poor person.

If a team should nevertheless manage to master all legal hurdles and offer the animal a proper homeland, departure is nothing to prevent.

The event is a rally and should not be a race. As with every rally, the rules of the respective road traffic regulations apply, except for a few special tests.