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Is the rally dangerous when it goes through eastern Turkey and Iran?

Many prejudices and well-meant hints from friends, colleagues and relatives towards the rally countries will all be heard when they say that they want to take part in the European Orient Rally.

Don’t let this put you off experiencing the adventure of your life.

Many of the steriotypes spread by the German mass media are expressed and disseminated by people who have never been to these countries before. They only chatter what people with their own political interests are chattering to you. Not every Persian or Turk wears a beard, has a weapon in his hand and looks after European women.

The people in all countries on the rally track are no worse than they are here. As everywhere, there are individual cases which are exaggerated by our media and regulars’ tables.

The people in Turkey and Iran are really friendly, nice and extremely helpful and good.

Of course, there are more police, military and security forces than there are in our country. But they are there for our security and they do nothing.

Clearly the political and religious situation is different and not as extremely regulated as in Europe. The high-play by the media and the German schoolmaster policy definitely contribute to the fact that many people are simply insecure when it comes to visiting Turkey and Iran.

In all years of the rally with more than 7000 participants there was only one theft, because the participants had deposited their money and identity card bag invitingly on the dashboard and no political incidents.

Women, too, can travel to Iran and have to abide by the dress code.

The rules also apply to the consumption of alcohol.

They are different cultures… and that is what appeals!

To sum up: Turkey and Iran are no more dangerous than visiting a European main railway station.

The rally does not go into areas for which there are real travel warnings of the AA.

If political changes in the past came suddenly, the Rallyeorga always reacted immediately and… also made unpopular… decisions for the safety of the rally participants.

One rally participant once said that the most dangerous and boring thing about the rally is the drive from home to the start of the rally.

Info regarding entry IRAN for motorcycles 07.08.2019
(without guarantee)
This info is without guarantee! You know that there can be changes regarding entry regulations, permits etc. at any time.

به اطلاع اعضای محترم جامعه جامعه تورگردانان تورگردانان ایران می رساند با پیگیری موتورسیکلت گردید ایران ، همکاری کانون کانون اتوموبیلرانی و معاونت گردشگری سازمان میراث فرهنگی و گردشگری کشور ممنوعیت ورود گردشگران خارجی با موتورسیکلت های با با ظرفیت بیش ۲۵۰ سی سی سی لغو گردید گردید

Announcement of the distinguished members of the Iranian Tourist Society
The entry ban for foreign tourists with a capacity of more than 250 cubic centimeters was lifted following the Iranian Tourist Society, in cooperation with the Automobile Association and the Deputy Tourism Director of Iran.