Israel and Jordan will work again

We are happy to inform you that Israel and Jordan will work again!!!

 The Europe Orient rally 2020 will again finish in the traditional finish in Jordan after Tasks in Israel. We succeeded to get an affordable transportsolution of  the cars from Turkey to Israel. In Israel we will travel to Haifa, Tel Aviv, Nazareth, Jerusalem Mb  the Sea of Galilee. We are planing even a detour to Palestine (Bethlehem and Jericho are on the plan…)

 . In Jordan we will Finish the rally at the dead sea after visiting Petra and after the longest, most beautiful and hardest  desert task… So this rally is gone be more than exciting. From the originally planned  Emirates was due to the current uncertain political situation in the Gulf region apart, because currently no one guarantee that all rally cars will be loaded on the ferry of tapes Abbas (Iran)and will cross safely to the Emirates  , currently,  due to the actions of the United States in the Gulf , there is only irregularly ferry services and we cannot take the risk. In addition,  The Iranians first promised to originis the entry with out the need of carnet de passage but now its again not confirmed. (“because of the sanctions”) and no one can say whether or when it will be confirmed again…