Rally 2018

The Europa Orient Rally 2018 will lead to Jordan via the Balkans, Turkey, Israel (maybe Palestine) on 05.05.2018.
This information is of course due to the politically difficult situation always under reserve!
In 2016 we had to change the route three weeks before the start. Still, it was one of the best rallies ever. We are happy and grateful that we have brought all participants back home healthy again this year
Our negotiations in Turkey, Israel and Jordan for 2018 have gone very well and are continuing.
Thanks to Vice President Nadir Serin and his friends, we have all the doors in Turkey.
In Israel, our representative and vice-president Orly Louk has partnered with the cities of Tel Aviv-Jaffa and Jerusalem as well as the motor club “Grutarally Israel”

In Jordan, our Representative and Vice President Husam Gauda made everything clear in the country and with our trusted partner from 2014, the “Dream Fundation”. The Dream Foundation (www.dreamfoundationjo.com) is a global non-profit organization that works very successfully, actively and seriously thanks to the dedication of world basketball star Hakeem Abdul Olajuwon and their general manager Omar Al Gwiri in Jordan. Hookem Abdul Olajuwon is really the former NBA basketball player.

In the 1990s, the 2.13-meter center won two NBA championships with the Houston Rockets and a Most Valuable Player award. Hakeem has a strong commitment to social causes after his sports career and is president of the Dream Foundation in Jordan. His general manager is Omar Al Gwiri, who is very involved in the Europe-Orient Rally.

In 2018, the proceeds from the Europe-Orient Rally will flow to the “Dream Foundation”.

For the necessary ferry transfers from Turkey to Israel we already have a partner and a ferry.

Everything is not so easy, but we have great partners and from the ambassadors and consuls a great diplomatic support regarding visa and security issues.

We all say THANK YOU THANK YOU !!!


A few key dates:

can still change slightly at any time!



4 May to 20:00 hours Arrival of the teams to the starting point

5 May starting at 9:00 am Start of the Europa Orient Rally

5th to 9th May Rally on non-specified routes to Istanbul

May 19 Mersin harbor

May 21 flight of participants to Tel Aviv ….

21-24 May Israel Tel Aviv Jaffa, Jerusalem

May 24th Transition to Jordan

24 May to 29 May Jordan Program

May 27th award ceremony at the Dead Sea (+ 2 nights at the Dead Sea)

Home flights from May 29th