Rallye 2019

Europe Orient Rally 2019 Start 11.05.2019

Registration is possible from 07.07.2018 3:33 clock

The European Orient Rally 2019 will lead on 11.05.2019 again via the Balkans, Turkey, Georgien , Iran to Cyprus).

Due to the politically difficult situation in these countries, this information is always subject to reservations!
In 2016 we had to change the route three weeks before the start.

We are happy and grateful that we have brought all participants back home healthy again this year. This is how it should be in the future.
Our negotiations in Turkey, Israel and Jordan for 2019 are already in full swing and are ongoing.
Thanks to Vice President Nadir Serin and his friends, we have many doors open in Turkey.
In Israel, our representative and vice-president Orly Louk has partnered with the cities of Tel Aviv-Jaffa and Jerusalem as well as the motor club “Grutarally Israel”.
In Jordan, our Representative and Vice President Husam Gauda will once again make everything clear with reliable partners.

For the necessary flight and ferry transfers from Turkey to Israel and home we have our partner I’m Boot.

Everything is not so easy, but we have great partners and from the ambassadors and consuls a great diplomatic support regarding visa and security issues.
We all say THANK YOU THANK YOU !!!

A few dates approximately key data: (can still change!)




10 Mai Startparty

11-14 Mai Start Heilbronn

11-14 Mai Balkanroute o.ä. bis Türkei

14-15-16-17 Mai İstanbul

17-18 Mai Zonguldak-Ereyeğli

18-19 Mai Ankara

19-20 Mai Samsun

20-21 Mai Georgien-Batumi

21-22 Mai Ararat-Doğubeyazıt

22-23 Mai İran Tebrizi

23-24 Mai İran-Astara-Kaspische Meer

24-25 Mai İran-Urimiye

25-26 Mai Van

26-27 Mai Şanlıurfa- Göbeklitepe

27-28 Mai Gaziantep-Mersin-Taşucu ( 23:00 Uhr Nacht Richtung Nordzypern)

29-30-31-Mai Nordzypern

1-Juni Siegerung

Ab 02.06.   Heimflüge ab Nordzypern über Istanbulne 1 award ceremony

Home flights from 2 June

further information will follow