Registration conditions and information EOR2020

Start 09. or 10.05.2020
Duration approx. 21…..24 days


1) Rally teams with three (two) cars and six (four) drivers each can participate in the rally. Or instead of cars with two drivers also two motorcycles with one driver each.

2) The rally route leads exclusively over side roads. The use of motorways is prohibited. Ferries (exceptions in the road book) and toll roads are also taboo. In some Balkan states there is a general road toll, which may and should be paid.

3) only cars older than 20 years or not exceeding an actual market value of 999,99 Euro are allowed. Motorcycles that are not yet 20 years old may not cost more than 0.99 Euro per ccm. (The values are determined via the market overview on the Internet)

4) The use of navigation devices by rally participants is prohibited. Of course, this is difficult to verify, because every mobile phone today contains a navigation device. Therefore the rally participants give a written declaration of honour that they are not allowed to use navigation devices.)

5) during the rally you may only stay overnight in a car, in a tent, in the open air, with friends or in hotels, which cost on average less than 11,11 Euro per night and person.

6)  Es dürfen an der Rallye nur Mitglieder des Vereines Europa-Orient-Rallye e.V. teilnehmen. Die Mitgliedschaft beginnt mit Bezahlung des Mitgliedsbeitrages und endet zunächst automatisch mit dem Ende der jeweiligen Rallye. (Probemitgliedschaft). Die Probemitgliedschaft kann auf Antrag in eine unbegrenzte Mitgliedschaft umgewandelt werden.

7) the membership fee and the entry fee are due with the registration for the rally as follows.
The membership fee is 33,33 Euro per person.
The entry fee for a team of 6 is 300 Euro per person,
466.66 per person and 499.99 for a Lonesome Riders 2-person team.
We have to break down the membership fee and the entry fee from our association and tax conditions.
i.e. membership fee and entry fee together amount to  

333,33€ per person with a 6-team and

499,99€ per person with a 4-person team and

533,32€ per person for a 2-team

Translated with

8) the membership in the club entitles to participate in the rally. If a member or an entire team does not participate in the rally, the membership fee and the entry fee cannot be refunded.
Membership ends automatically if no subsequent fee is paid.

9) It is required that each participating team is equipped with a GPS LIVE TRACKING system during the rally. It is not possible to participate in the rally without this system, which also serves for the safety and tracking of the rally participants for their friends and acquaintances via the Internet until the end of the rally. This tracking system is provided by Mobiliz. The price for the tracking system on rental basis is about 50,- EUR for connection costs, installation and removal per vehicle.

Translated with

10) First prize of the rally should again be a living camel. THIS WILL PROBABLY NOT BE POSSIBLE DUE TO THE ROUTE IN 2020?..WE ARE LOOKING FOR ALTERNATIVES. As no winning team has managed to import the camel to Europe yet, it is recommended that the winning team hands it over to a person in the destination country who uses it sensibly.

11) the rally vehicles remain in the destination country. Since old cars are no longer welcome in most countries nowadays, a sale for a good cause is no longer possible. We are looking for solutions, but expect that the vehicles will be scrapped there. If a rally participant does not want to make the car available for recycling, he will have to pay local tax on the vehicle in the host country. (In the case of old vehicles in Jordan, this is about 120 percent of the value as new. In Turkey the rates are even higher.)

12) the rally costs shall be borne by the rally teams themselves. They can enter into their own sponsor connections for this (However, due to the special conditions in the host countries, advertising for hard alcohol and advertising with a lot of naked skin as well as political advertising are problematic).

13) The rally participants commit themselves with the registration to affix the start number plates at the back and front of the vehicle as well as the participant plates at the driver and co-driver door and if necessary further stickers of the main sponsors of the overall rally to the vehicle.

14) The costs for food, fuel, vehicles, insurance, ferries, return flight, etc. are borne by the participants themselves.

15) With regard to the political situation in the Middle East, the traditional target country of Jordan cannot be reached on the road in 2020.
However, planning with Iran and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is going very well. As in previous years, we are trying to organize as much as possible for you.
The return flights to Germany, visas, entry and exit fees, transfers, admissions, car insurance, ferry costs etc. are organised by partners in so-called “service packages”. These “packages” have nothing to do with the association Europa Orient Rallye e.V.. The rally organisers only arrange these contacts as a friendly service and because all this cannot be handled organisationally for the individual participants.

16) At the past Europe Orient Rallyes (only examples) the service packages for Jordan (scheduled or charter flights to Europe, admissions, car insurance, two overnight stays at award ceremonies in top hotels, transfers, visas, vehicle supply, taxes, etc.) have been extended.) 665,- Euro, for Turkey (ferry to Israel, flight to Israel, transfers, port costs, customs, unloading costs, fees etc.) 790,- Euro and for Israel (entry, exit fee, security, customs fees, port use, transfers etc.) 150,- Euro.
It looks like in 2020 for Iran and UAE you will have to get your own visa at the respective embassy. Also the Carnet de Passages for your car.
Further information will follow. All costs for this are to be paid by the participants directly to our partner organizations in Turkey, Iran and UAE. This means that in spring 2020 there will still be costs of about 1600 Euro per participant.
This figure is approximate and may change slightly for 2020.
We will inform you about the prices for return flights and possible “packages” as soon as possible.

17) rally participants are persons of public interest. This means that photos/videos of participants and vehicles may be published. In addition, the following data entered during registration will be published on our homepage.

-Team name
-Website address/logo (if entered)
-Team Number