Registration conditions and information

Europe Orient Rally 2019

Registration from 07.07.2018 3:33 pm

Start 11.05.2019
Award ceremony expected 01.06.2019

Registration conditions and information

1. A maximum of 111 rally teams, each with three cars and six riders, can participate in the rally. Alternatively, two motorcycles with one driver each are possible instead of cars with two drivers.

2. The rally route runs exclusively on side roads. The use of highways is prohibited. Also ferries (exception to Israel) and toll roads are taboo.

3. Only cars that are older than 20 years old or that do not exceed an actual market value of 999.99 Euro are allowed. Motorcycles that are not yet 20 years old must not cost more than 0.99 euros per cc. (The determination of the values ​​take place over the market overview of and in case of doubt finally by the car expert before the start.

4. The use of navigation devices by rally participants is prohibited. (Of course, this is difficult to verify because there is a navigation system in every mobile phone today, so the participants in the rally give a written declaration of honor that no navigation systems are used.)

5. During the rally you can only spend the night in a car, in a tent, in the open air, with friends or in hotels that cost on average less than € 11.11 per person per night.

6. After other organizers had to make very bad experiences with the tax office because of entry fees of non-members, only members of the association Europa-Orient-Rallye e.V. may take part in the rally. The membership begins with payment of the membership fee and ends automatically with the end of the respective rally. (Sample membership). The trial membership can be converted into an unlimited membership upon request.

7. The membership fee and the entry fee will be due with the registration for the rally as follows.
The membership fee is 33,33 Euro per person
The entry fee for a 6-person team is 300 euros per person,
as a 4-man team 466.66 euros per person.
For us under tax-law conditions, we must break down the membership fee and the entry fee.
i.e. Membership fee and entry fee together amount to
333,33 € per person with a 6-man team and
€ 499.99 per person with a team of 4

8. The membership in the association entitles to participate in the rally. If a member or a whole team does not participate in the rally, the membership fee and the entry fee can not be refunded.
Membership ends automatically if no follow-up fee is paid.

9. Due to the pre-launch system similar to the Monte Carlo rally from the team home or to a starting location suggested by the Organizing Committee, it is necessary for each participating team to be equipped with a GPS LIVE TRACKING system during the rally. It is not possible to participate in the rally without this system, which also serves to ensure the safety and tracking of rally participants for their friends and acquaintances via the Internet until the end of the rally. The price for the tracking system on a rental basis is about 140, – EUR per team.

10. First prize of the rally will once again be a living camel. Since no winning team has yet succeeded in importing to Europe, it is recommended that the winning team hand over the camel to a person in the target country who makes good use of the animal.

11. The rally cars remain in the destination country. They are left to the state for recovery. The state utilizes the vehicles and uses the funds obtained for social purposes. The rally organization has a say in the matter for which purposes the funds are used. If a rally participant does not want to provide the car for recovery, the vehicle must be taxed locally by him in the host country. (For old vehicles in Jordan, that’s about 120 percent of new value.)

12. The rallying costs are borne by the rally teams themselves. You can enter into sponsorship agreements for this purpose (However, due to the special conditions in the host countries, advertising for hard liquor and advertising with much naked skin and political advertising are excluded).

13. Rally participants undertake to register the start number plates at the front and rear of the vehicle as well as the participant plates on the driver and front passenger door and, if applicable, further stickers of the main sponsors of the overall rally on the vehicle.

14. The costs for food, fuel, vehicles, insurance, return flight, etc. are borne by the participants themselves.

15. Because of the war in Syria, the destination country Jordan may well not be reached on the road in 2018. This means that the vehicles with a (to be chartered) ferry and the participants with aircraft (also to be chartered) are expected to be brought to Israel. Return flights from Jordan to Germany, Visa, Entry and Exit