Rules / Stress Test

The games are quite simple, but hard and nothing for whiskeys and people who are looking for package tourism with “everything is regulated”:

  • Only cars that are at least 20 years old or vehicles which definitely cost no more than 999,99 Euros will be admitted to the rally (IMPORTANT: valid (HU) minimum to 05/19).
  • Motorcycles may also be 20 years old. Younger motorcycles may only cost 0,99 euros per cubic capacity.
  • A Rallyeteam consists of 6 persons and 3 cars (or combined teams with motorcycles or pure motorcycle teams – always only one driver per motorcycle, always 6 persons, per car 2 persons!)
  • In exceptional cases, 4 teams with 2 vehicles are allowed. The rally management, however, does not expressly recommend this, because if a vehicle fails completely, it becomes very tight.
  • Not necessarily all vehicles must arrive at the destination. It is important, however, that the whole team arrive together with at least one of the started vehicles and drive over the finish line!
  • All roads, but not motorways and tolls, may be used, unless this is expressly permitted (eg, directly before / after borders – there are sometimes only the motorway) – except for these exceptions, the whole route may only be used on secondary roads.
  • Certain stages must be approached to perform special tests. This is all regulated in the roadbook!
  • Tasks will be done in the traveled countries.
  • On average no more than 666 kilometers can be traveled on average. 555 km should be because of the length of the route already.
  • There will be special examinations. These are all described in the roadbook, which every team gets on the starting day or during the rally.
  • The evaluation of the special tests, solution books and special tasks is the responsibility of the rally management.
  • Decisions related to the evaluation are, as in the case of referee decisions in football, “facts decisions”. Contradictions and protests are excluded. Insults and insults are undesirable, therefore the legal process is excluded.
  • The use of ferries is prohibited – except for possible exceptions in the Roadbook.
  • The use of navigation systems for route finding is forbidden (HONORING THING!!!)
  • You can only stay in the car, in the open, in the tent, or in accommodation / hotels, which cost an average of 11.11 Euros per night per person.
  • The rally is not to be a race, but an event according to the rules of the road traffic regulations of the respective countries (exceptional special tests). The fun and international understanding as well as humanitarian purposes are in the foreground.
  • The vehicles remain for a good cause in the target country.
  • Costs such as return flights, gasoline, food, etc. are borne by the teams themselves.
  • Each team can market themselves in consultation with the OK and search for sponsors (however, according to rules of the organizer).
  • Each participant runs at his own risk and risk.
  • The organizer is under no circumstances liable.
  • The entry fee is € 333,33 per participant. This entry fee is payable with the registration.
  • Passports, visas, insurance and other organizational matters must be organized and paid by each participant. (Visadinge in Israel and Jordan are handled by the respective packages of the organization and no further VISA is required for participants from the Federal Republic of Germany.) Other participants must clarify their visa requirements, apart from Israel and Jordan.
  • The route selection to Istanbul is with each team itself. Basically applies free route selection, but for safety reasons, Istanbul recommendation and recommended use of accommodation is recommended.
  • If return flights, overnight accommodations, sightseeing tips, etc. are provided by the Organizing Committee, these are compliancy services in order to simplify matters to the participants. The rally management therefore does not appear explicitly as travel organizer.
  • A registration is only valid if the start fee is paid for all participants (and at the same time it is assured that the costs for the return flight are passed on in time).
  • In the case of a withdrawal, the application fee, that is, reimbursement of the registration fee can not be made. The entry fee will also be forfeited if the rally can not take place or ends in another country due to unrest or an express warning from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    Please excuse us this year -juristically secured- a lot of business conditions and legally hopefully present clear rules. Our and the commitment of our foreign friends to provide additional services and friendships has sometimes been misunderstood by individual team members at past events. Demands for “missed holidays” as a result of excessive hygiene expectations were the result. This has cost money and brought anger and disappointment for us.

    Checklist “Rally-Stress-Test”

    “Am I capable of Europe-Orient-Rally?”

    Unfortunately, every year (really quite) there are only a few participants / teams who are not “Europe-Orient-Rally-capable”. These people cost us nerves and strength. But they also do not like themselves when they are tormented by themselves and us.

    That is why we have compiled a checklist for you here.

    This is for your and we match.

    If you answered “YES” to all of the 14 questions listed, you should follow the registration.

    If you answer NO with a question, you should talk with your riders or riders and give you a thought.

    If you answer NO with more than three questions, you should look for another “adventure”.

    1. If I really want to join the adventure of the Orient to the valid “game rules” I accept them?
    2. I am really willing to take these hardships, namely many hours in the car or on the motorbike to sit, and sometimes in not very noble, comfortable overnight places to night?
    3. I am team-able?
    4. Can I sort out small conflicts without getting the rally organizing committee as an “arbitrator”?
    5. I am not a “process hanel”, which keeps things that do not run as planned, for later legal restrictions, documented and proofs and confirmations in the rally management?
    6. I am tolerant towards other people, cultures, religions?
    7. I know that much in the countries I go through is different from ours?
    8. I accept the rules of the host countries?
    9. Can I deal with political, social or simply organizational short-term changes?
    10. I can not imagine that during the rally and during the rally, I would ask the organizing committee the following questions (such as those which had actually been asked) and therefore possibly later harassing courts in Germany:
    • Why does a can of beer cost 8, – € and a coke only 30 cents in an Arab country like Jordan and why does not the organizing committee change that?
    • Why there is not enough Dixi-Klos in the paddock at the Blue Mosque?
    • Can I recharge my electronic device in the Wüstencamp?
    • Where there is an ATM in the Jordanian desert?
    • Where can I get here in Istanbul at 23:00 o’clock still cheap beer?
    • My phone card is empty, how to load it?
    • Where is the next pharmacy here and what I take against diarrhea?
    • There is no toilet paper here in Istanbul, you can abolish this misery?
    • We get only one accommodation for about € 16.00, how can we manage to come at € 11.11?
    • My gasoline in the car is off I have not fueled. Where is a petrol station?
    • Why do we all need to go to the racetrack before it starts?
    • Why is there no drinks on the racetrack?
    • Can I still before the start, to the toilet?
    • May I stop on the circuit and take pictures?
    • Is the race track a one-way street?
    • We can also sleep in the car, even though we have a tent?
    • Parking is guarded?
    • Why do not we get any proof when we sleep in the tent here?
    • How long does it take me to be here across the border I’m already waiting for 3 hours You can look that is going faster?
    • Why do I have to pay a fine in Romania?
    • I have no green insurance card you can get me one?
    • My pass has been stolen, you can request a new one from the OK or go to the embassy with us?
    • On my car is the distribution cap broken and the workshop makes up only tomorrow morning can the Turkish OK another workshop search?
    • Why is it here in all food sheep?
    • why there are only standing WCs?
    1. I will not sell any car or equipment in the country?
    2. I will not intentionally destroy the vehicle after arrival?
    3. I will respect and respect the laws in the host countries?
    4. I am aware that I am not


    must be correct in the rally and accept that the rally-organizers promise no holiday-pleasure, because I can not be sue because of missed holiday-pleasures.