What’s EOR?

EUROPEAN ORIENT RALLY ….. what is that?

The daring people in their rickety boxes – One of the last automotive adventures in the world.

The Europe-Orient Rally is one of the most important and crazy motor racing events for amateur rally drivers.

Not expensive rally cars, which can only afford factory teams or millionaires, but only old vehicles that cost less than 999.99 euros and motorcycles, which may only cost 99 cents per cc, are used.

So it’s rallying in its original form.

The ‘Low Budget Rally’ was founded by Wilfried Gehr fifteen years ago as the Allgäu Orient Rally, in order to protect people who can not afford to participate in professional rallies like the Paris-Dakar or Schicki Micki rallies like the Mille Migla  to enable fascinating rallying.

In addition to the regulations for the vehicles that are usually rotted, the following hard rules apply to rally participants: 

  • no motorways 
  • no toll roads 
  • no GPS, only maps and compass
  • overnight accommodation only in cars, tents or hotels less than 11  , 11 euros cost.  
  • It is driven in teams.


Until the beginning of the war in Syria, the rally always led from the Allgäu to Jordan.  Since the war in Syria, other rally destinations had to be chosen. So Baku in Azerbaijan, Mersin, Dalyan were already alternative destinations.  

In the years 2016 to 2018, Jordan could be reached via Israel and the ferry.  

In 2018, the Europe-Orient Rally started in Strasbourg.  

2019 was the start at the Federal Garden Show in Heilbronn.  It went across the Balkans to the Sultan Ahmet Mosque in Istanbul.  Then to Asia through the whole of Turkey via Ankara, Samsun, Rise, to Georgia.  

Entry into Iran was denied in the short term despite firm commitments, because the political situation had changed.  There was a fantastic rally stage in Georgia for that. From there we went back to Turkey to Van, Göbelklitepe, Gaziantep, Mersin.  The final stages then took place on the original Cyprus rally route in Northern Cyprus.

Rally-makers always attach great importance to being politically neutral and fulfilling their main objectives of rallying, international understanding and fun.  Maybe this is the recipe for success of the rally. Here it is possible for people of all nations and of all faiths to rally together and become friends. This works even in the organizing committee.  There, Muslims, Christians, Jews and non-believers have been working closely together for years for a good cause and a bit more peace and understanding in the world.

By the way, the rally also makes social project, which can be seen.

In 2020, the rally is to lead via Turkey and Iran to the United Emirates. Should the political situation in Iran worsen again, Georgia and Armenia will be alternatives.  Maybe there will finally be peace in Syria until then. Then Jordan is the wish alternative.

The talks with Iran and the United Emirates are currently running quite well, so that the Emirates as a goal from today’s perspective are realistic.